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People of Manalasuo did not really like to defend, especially using the Mad Mob, so there was even less defense. The axes collided and crossed, producing clamouring sounds like war drums.


Lie Xin continued gritting her teeth. It would seem like the attacks were not landing on her body, as her focus was on the insides of her body, where the Lie Flame Technique and the Sage Arts were shaking, forming a huge energy field. The energy did not belong to her, it was the energy from the violent repulsion between both techniques that were being forced to fuse.


Since then, the Phantom King no longer existed in Atlantis. Similarly, Wang Zheng also paid a heavy price. He could not take part in the finals. Eventually, the Solar System team was thrashed by Arbiter team.


Ge Ping, please stop talking! Save your energy, nothing will happen to you! Huo Dongs expression was pale, his fists clenched he hated himself for being useless.


Hinrich’s Maya’s Mantis began to burn. It was flame too, the same fire element. But there was a huge difference between the flames of Hinrich and Lie Xin.


In the stands, the politicians from different countries were in heated discussions. They had obviously seen another possibility, as well as some hidden agenda behind this battle.

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Everyone was staring at Wang Zheng. It was at this moment that everyone realized that there was a difference between the two of them. Wang Zheng was facing the X9!


Qiankun Zadeh raised his knives in both hands. His aura continued to rise, but he could feel the intense pressure emanating from Wang Zheng. He was especially aware of the power in the moment he had killed the Ghanan. His own Wind God Arts were not suited for defense, but every physical technique tended to the aggressive. The Ghanan could use the energy shield, but he could not. If he did, then he would forever stay in this position, even if he lived.


There was a limit to most things. She was not omnipotent. If the opponent held all the aces, she could not overturn fortune too.


Ouyang Chuanyun stepped up as the vanguard for the Sword Shield Rose battle team. As the most trusted right-hand man of Lin Feng, it had to be him who would battle first.


Luo Fei was not dumb. Having already kicked Mars away, he could feel the opponent’s resistance. This was the strongest opponent he had ever met, so he had to gamble with his life.


The only person who could provide support here was Achilles. However, Achilles was surprisingly engaged in a difficult battle now. The Maya’s Mantis was unfazed by the gravitational and repulsive forces of the Heavenly Dragon Knight. This was because it was not a traditional combat mech. Instead, it was a new type of energy battling style, a peculiar cross between the Mayans and the humans. Despite his superb skills, Achilles was left helpless. The ability of Universal Gravitational Force was useless in this fight.


Lie Xin shook her head slightly. “I wanted to take the battle, but I’m not as good as Zhang Shan. This may be a better choice.”



This was the first time everyone got to learn details about a youth from Earth with high aspirations. It seemed like it had been the first time in fifty years that someone had gotten so close.



What made Fuller unable to swallow his anger was that he had to look on helplessly as those people, who had all claimed to be his brothers just yesterday, turned their backs on him to submit a collaboration proposal to KO organisation.


Zhang Shan had actually gotten this idea in a state of panic. “Hu Ya, this is called the fox exploiting the tiger’s might. Comfortable?’


With the aid of two levitating Runic Matrices, the two mecha reached the sky at the same time.

  • But the applause seemed rather lonely. After all, the other countries were undeniably terrorized.
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