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Even if it was Elite Academy X’s Greatest King, this punk called Wang Zheng did not have the qualifications to occupy the Prime Minister’s time.


The aura of the blade sealed off the air above. The surroundings were overcast by the wailings of the spirits. It was questionable if the teleportation box was useful at the moment, let alone moved.


“You seem very confident,” Kashawen noted. Aina was no longer the child of yesterday. She had matured, and it was a game between them, one played along the rules of the queen’s line. She would see Aina humbled, and to do so, she would have to play by some rules. Aina was in the same boat – she could not act with impunity. Neither could bear the consequences of careless actions.


If the Saruman Snake battle team chose to abandon their sniper in the team battle, then replacing Snow Li in the previous match and allowing Wang Zheng to battle it out with Achilles, would without a doubt be a very good tactic.


Wang Zheng’s spiritual power was getting weaker, and what was gone would not return. If he was stronger, he would certainly have had a stronger fighting spirit. However, death was inevitable.


“Oh?” Ai Xiaolu went blank for a second. Information of this level was not easily accessible, at the very least not for the Aishi Financial Group. This was the difference, this was a secret that would be hard to access even with more money.

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Finally, the last match. The entire arena had gradually calmed down from all the enthusiasm because the last defender of Aslan, Lin Feng, had entered the stage.


Morizhitian came on. The Sword Shield Rose battle team from Aslan sent Sleipnir. Every member on the Sword Shield Rose battle team had extraordinary reputation. All of them were famous. In fact, their public image was not very tough. Aslan and Arbiter were different. Arbiter was constantly declaring to everyone that they were steel warriors and that they were invincible. Aslan, in comparison, was calmer, and they did not wish to display their tough side. Such was their style that no one had much information about the Sword Shield Rose battle team. Simply put, the Arbiters were arrogant smart alecs, while Aslan were more reserved smart alecs. They had different styles. The latter had an advantage as no one knew what their trump card was.


Wang Zhengs appearance has awakened the memories I had of my home planet. When I was young, I once went to Earth. It was a beautiful planet. My ancestors were Earthlings, and even though it was many generations ago, when I stepped onto Earth, my heartbeat changed. It was a mysterious feeling. I have always believed that if there were miracles, they must originate from Earth!


Judging from the situation in the arena, everyone could see the problem. Although it was huge enough for ten mech warriors to display their skills, the problem was that there was no cover. This meant that as soon as they entered the battlefield, it would be close-range combat. This would be the harshest encounter in the battlefield. Furthermore, no energy tower or the likes would be available for recharging purposes. This would be completely real combat. There was also another problem: the battle between the Earth-rank warriors could accidentally kill their teammates, and in such a competition, it was definitely not a laughing matter. Furthermore, it was vital that the snipers positioned themselves.


The laser and the shoulder guns struck at the same time, smashing into pieces!


Both teams had expected to go into a team battle. Saruman Snake had a slight advantage currently. But it did not matter much. On the other hand, Saruman Snake’s confidence level was very high now. Unfortunately, Zhang Shan could not take part in the team battle anymore.


If these five people had met Wang Zheng when he was at his full potential, they would definitely not be his match. Even if it was five against one, they would still be trashed. This was a man that could defeat an A-level warrior!



Upon hearing Wang Zheng say that, everyone discovered the small detail in between. It was a completely powerfully controlled execution. In that moment of appearance, it was like a tightened bow that made an explosive shot in an instant.



The Elders of Tita Star knew better now. Only with the ascending of God would the Silver Titan appear. Only if God had accepted the sacrifice would there be an undying body!


The generals among the VIPs understood that regardless of whether it was Aragon of Arbiter or Jondi Lilick of Manalasuo, they were no longer purely pursuing the explosion of Ability X, they were more focused on polishing the skill of spiritual power. Spiritual power resulted in Ability X. Thus, the source was still the spiritual power. This was similar to the battle of mecha. Combat skill was the foundation. Mastering good combat skills would enable them to create many different possibilities. It was the same for spiritual power. This was the root. The higher the level, the greater the demand for spiritual power.


With a roar, his flesh suddenly began to swell. A powerful aura swept out. Ability X?

  • Kashawen had started such a large scale task, even affecting SIG, just to let Aina make her decision.
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