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After Achilles was discharged, Wang Zheng could feel the difference in his aura. In the Rubiks Cube, he heard more than once from Charcoal about the two great ages in the past, and during those ages, the Doyle family had an important role. It did not seem important back then, and he felt that it was just a story. However, looking at Achilles now, he could feel the strong sense of revival.


Everyone laughed loudly. The students from Astina Military College also laughed loudly. This had nothing to do with them. They were merely enjoying the show. Actually, it had not even been that exciting.


Wang Zheng’s head tilted, and a bolt of laser flew past his ear. Wang Zheng’s fury raged for the first time. On the battlefield, they were pitting their best abilities, and he had been prepared for such an epic battle. But that damned sneak attack – had he killed their father?!


A thorn suddenly detached itself in high speed from the vines. Fast as a bullet, it drilled right into the body of the flying bird. It fell into the forest and became a sumptuous blood feast for the lush forest.


Simply said, to imply that the Sword Shield Rose battle team’s chance of winning was higher was illogical. Both opponents appeared to be cautious. The Mayans knew that this was their opportunity. They had been inhibited for a long time and they did not want to be inhibited again. The power of the entire team was also stronger than ever had before. Through this battle, they wanted to announce to the world that the Mayans would be returning to the major leagues.


An abundance of energy immediately overflowed as the Rune Sword was drawn. He might seem calm, but Di Maria had learned much from the last two battles.

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Could you imagine? A youth from Earth. An unknown youngster from the Ares College. Today, right here, at the home ground of the mighty empire of Aslan, winning the cheers from the world.


This is not right of the both of you. Im on Wang Zhengs side. He is, after all, the man I had a blind date with, said Yuan Donger.


B and above level spiritual power and the power of the Third Level of Heaven of the Primordial Regression Technique provided a qualitative upgrade for Wang Zheng. His understanding and control of his power had improved by leaps and bounds.


The Rune Sword and the laser sword interlocked continuously, and managed to dodge five energy bombs strikes at the same time. The arena was in a bad shape as a result of the raging bombardments.


One after another, the souls of all the students at Ares College seemed to have left their bodies. They were like the walking dead.


From Aslan’s performance, one could see that they were “playing”. They were not serious about it. They were actually taking risks on such a big competition. This also meant that their strengths were very strong. So strong that they were not concerned. Whether attitude was a problem or not was dependent on the outcome.


“Oh?” Ai Xiaolu went blank for a second. Information of this level was not easily accessible, at the very least not for the Aishi Financial Group. This was the difference, this was a secret that would be hard to access even with more money.



Every charge made by Wang Zheng was met with the sieges of two Rune Warriors. When the Atlanteans decided to defend, with Wang Zhengs current state, a forceful breakthrough would be very difficult. Besides, it was not difficult to see that Wang Zheng might not be able to use his compound power, let alone his lethal Atomic Blasting power.



Aragorn believed that this was his biggest opportunity. He knew that since Wang Zheng could use the same move, there had to be a way to break it. Regardless of whether or not it was breakable or otherwise, he needed to seize this opportunity, the last opportunity to impart a fatal blow to Wang Zheng.


Although there had been numerous opinions these couple of days, when this statement was confirmed, it caused a huge sensation. The competitors in the top eight were not bothered because for them to have come this far, they would obviously not be afraid to face any challenges. A star would surely be born, and likewise, a star would fall.


Di Maria smirked. He did not like Wang Zheng. Not this limelight-stealer. Losers should have the bearing of a loser, and obediently grovel. He had thought that Elite Academy X would be his path to glory, but he had become a laughing stock. If it had not been his family working behind the scenes to salvage things, he would have taken double the losses.

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